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Operation Manual of Dedusting hopper

2015-04-20 16:24
1Main Technical Parameters
1.1Main Technical Parameters
Item Unit Parameters Remark
1.Suitable material   Bulk Cargo  
2.Density of material   0.4~2.8t/ m3  
3.Height of Hopper mm 10556mm  
4. Overall width of hopper*length mm 6400mm x 6400mm  
5. Span mm 5400mm x 7500mm  
6.Size of hopper mouth mm 6400mm x 6400mm  
7.size of down hopper mouth mm 800mm x 800mm  
8.Headroom of down hopper mouth mm 4500mm  
9.Volume m3 ≈30m3  
10. Crosspiece headroom on hopper mm 4500mm  
11.Dead weight of hopper T ≈41T  
12.Power supply mode   3 Phase;4 wires;  
13. Power supply system   380 V;50 Hz;  
14.Work environment   Outdoor  
1.2Main material parameters
Item Unit Parameters Remarks
1.Material of hopper upper bucket body mm T10mm x Q235B  
2.Material of hopper upper bucket body mm T10mm x Q345B  
3.Column leg dimension mm Φ299mm x 10mm
circular tube
4.Solid rubber tire specifications
mm Φ810  
5. Hand-cranking hydraulic lifting landing leg T 32T x 4个  
6.Sway brace dimension mm Φ245mm x 10mm
 circular tube
2Major components
Dedusting hopper is mainly composed of double-deck bucket body, hopper support,grilles, ladder stand, manual opening and closing device on hopper door ,dust catcher, air compressor, electric control ,etc
Hopper support, bucket body and grilles that all use Q345B steel plates, welding after Nc blanking.
Dust catcher and air compressor from outsourcing
3Using method of hopper
1). After the hopper is moved to workplace, firstly fall to ground the 4 pcs manual landing legs
2).Open the electric control cabinet, In turn open the 4 pcs draught fans ,pay attention to the
motor should turned to clockwise
3).Open the air compressor start switch, after normal operation of air compressor, and then open the air switch to the four air storage tanks.     
4).After open the air compressor for five minutes, every interval of three minutes, must to hear the sound of “ticking”, if there is no sound ,then no clean-up work, need to adjust the air pressure.
5).Hopper is divided into dust collection bucket and charging bucket, In the process of grab loading bulk cargo, must control height of materials in stock bin not exceed to charging bucket, this is grilles plates below. If materials above the grilles plates, the dust collection mouth will not be able to receive dust.
4System Overview
This equipment is mainly used for unloading and loading bulk cargo. Using portal grab crane grabs bulk cargo, and then using PLC control system of portal crane to open the grabs, unload the bulk cargo into the discharge hopper. There is a manual opening and closing valve control device on the mouth of discharge  hopper to control the flow of materials, make safely load ,it greatly improve the work efficiency.
Design principle: The hopper section divided into two layers, because of big down mouth of upper hopper that is not easy to raise dust. When materials fall into the wall of under hopper will raise a lot of dust. Because of the hopper designed into two layers, which can effectively form negative pressure inside the lower hopper .In between the two layers install a dust remover for dust collection.
After all air containing dust through the filter bag, clean air exclude through the air outlet, the dust outside bag by blowing from electromagnetic pulse valve, fall back into the hopper.
The main structure of hopper: It is mainly consists of steel structure frames, double overlay bucket body(storage hopper and receiving hopper) grilles plates on the bottom of receiving hopper mouth, ladders, manual unloading gate, dust removal device, moving mechanism (truck transport or towing tractors),electricity control devices and so on. Dust hopper power supply is 380V AC(±10%)、50HZ、three-phase four-wire, PLC control. The dedusting hopper is equipped with circuit protection, pressure switches and other safety devices, and fortify the collision protection, to ensure reliable and safe operation.
Design and manufacture of dedusting hopper using advanced technology products and electric control system, so that the dust hopper safe, reliable, efficient and practical.
Dedusting hopper has enough stability, good ability to resist wind, seismic, and prevent capsizing.