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40 Feet Semi-auto containers spreader

2015-05-18 09:25
Model: JXDJ40-0000 SERIES
Use for ISO standard 40 foot container 
Rated lift weight                                                                       40t
Spreader dimension                                                              L:11985mm     W:2260mm                       
Spreader four corner hook loading weight :                      10t×4
Spreader dead weight                                                           ~3050±2%Kg
Guide plate  180°                                                                    3S
Rotation pin 90°                                                                     <1.5S
Plate torque                                                                            1200Nm
Fabric Surface furnish
Steel plate pre-treatment                                Cooling roll, blasting、Spray Protect painting 
Mechanism painting                                        Epoxy zinc bottom paint  2  floors
                                                                             Epoxy thickness middle paint 1 floor
                                                                             Polyurethane furnish     2 floors
                                                                             Min spray thickness       250 micrometer
【Form of Twist-pin】                                     ISO  Floating twist -pin,Mechanical Driver
【Guide plate unit】                                        Cylinder driver fan gear
Working principle:  
Mechanical container spreader adapt twist-lock control unit. Main character is that drive crank bar connecting rod mechanism 、Twist-lock equip with plate on the rotation shaft; inter plate guide with groove and rolling slip running unit, running unit throw the buffer spring、rotation sling connect with hook, running unit action via eccentricity lock plate control , plate with positioning unit ,limit plate ,rotation angle of twist-lock. When it working via hook up and down、eccentricity lock unit close or relax running unit, running unit or rotation running plate or alongside guide groove rolling, Finish the plate 、rotation lock 90 degree clockwise or anti-clock rotation.
1.1. Safety lock union
1.1.1. Only when four Twist-pin in open or close place, lift mechanism allowing action ..
1.1.2. Only when four rotation pin all correct insert container hole, then rotation pin have ability to open and close action, if spreader lift container upper from floor, the bottom of rotation pin box in the middle place. At this time rotation pin all close or open not working.
1.1.3. Each rotation unit was design easy to assemble 、inspection 、maintain、and replace. 
1.1. Maintainment
1) Rotation pin driver
Each rotation pin of ball bearing must guarantee lubricate (lubricate ZG-3) after finish working.
Connecting rod hinge should lubricate usually after working finish.(LubricateZG-3).
2) Open and close limit switch should check usually ,not allowing fastness & lashing unit loose, should be check after working.
3) Each time check the rotation pin damage or not, with crack or not and the rotation end pin nut loose or not.
4) Each time alternation 100hours:
For rotation pin equipment, check the nut tight or not, Rotation pin bearing on recession ball surface, with ability to floating.
5)Each time alternation 1500hour,or check spreader after lift 5000 case container, should be check the rotation Mechanism
a) Dismantle all four rotation pin mechanism.
b) Check all spare part by you eye ,if you find some problem should be change.
c) Clearing all component .
d) Install all rotation pin mechanism.
2.2.1. Each time alternation 3000hour,or check the head or thread of rotation pin and find some crack or fault. Or change the rotation pin, rotation pin bolt or nut and accident ball plate 
3.1. After-sale service
3.1.1. SHYP provides enough and fast spare parts during guarantee time.
3.1.2. SHYP provides detailed manual for customer’s use and maintenance.
3.1.3 SHYP will be responsibility for the spreaders, if you have any technical questions or quality problem please don’t hesitate to contact with us.