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Characteristics of Full-Automatic Electric Telescopic Spread

2017-07-04 15:04

1.  Reduce the costs of maintenance and repair

Because the spreader has not the hydraulic oil and filter, needn’t often inspection and maintenance as traditional hydraulic spreader. The interval time for maintenance will be extended, and the most important thing is the maintenance and repair of electric spreader will be simplified, which reduce the using cost.

2.   The electric spreader has the higher working reliability.

The simple maintenance and repair would make the electric spreader more reliable.

3.   The energy consumption of electric spreader is a tenth of traditional hydraulic spreader.

On the traditional spreader, the hydraulic power station is keeping working condition, which is quite power consumption. On the electric spreader, the motor sets up the electric circuit only at moving station, which reduces the using costs.

4.  The electric spreader is compact in structure, light in weight.

The electric spreader is much lighter than traditional hydraulic spreader. In the same lifting capacity of spreader, the electric spreader could reduce the demand of lifting weight.  

5.   The electric spreader has low demand for using environment, and green environmental protection.

Because the electric spreader has not hydraulic system, doesn’t exist leakage of hydraulic oil, and needn’t to heat, which could use at more places.