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Movable Dedusting Hopper

2017-09-06 14:23

Movable dedusting hopper is mainly used to unload and load, that is, put the grab when it is loading the

cargo above the unloading system of hopper, and then, open the grab, put the cargo into the unloading

hopper. There is a manual control device for controlling the opening and closing on the leaking mouth of

unloading hopper, that used for controlling the rate of cargo moving, which make the loading onto truck

safely, and improve the work efficiency.

Movable dedusting hopper mainly consist of two layers scoops, hopper frame, rack, ladder, manual

opening-closing device for hopper door, dust wiper, air compressor, and electric-control cabinet etc.

The design and production of dedusting hopper all adopt advanced, reliable technical means, adopt

advanced technology products and electric-control system, which make the hopper safe, reliable,