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Using Method of Dedusting Hopper

2017-09-18 10:31

1、When the dedusting hopper moves to work yard, workers firstly need put down the four manual stand

bars, that is, depress jack for sustaining the weight of hopper and cargo.

2、To open electric-control cabinet, and then to open four units of fans, which attention matter is that the

motor must clockwise rotation.

3、To open the air compressor, after it normal running, open the air switch, and make air could deliver to

four pieces of air storage tanks.

4、Air compressor opens five minutes later, every three minutes, must listen a sound like “tick”. If no

“tick”, which show that not do the clear-up work, so need to adjust air pressure.

5、Hopper scoops divide into dedusting scoop and loading scoop. When the grab is discharging the

cargo, must control the height of cargo in storage bin. The cargo must be under the loading scoop,

that is, under the rack board. If the cargo is over the rack board, the dust collector could not collect

the dust, which will influence the dust collection effect.